The only thing that remains it seems, with the power that could save the electoral process in Haiti and to restore the full confidence of the population in the next government, would be for the two main candidates to sign an agreement, so that whoever wins the presidency must choose the other as prime minister.

The Haitian people should not accept a transitional government from their political leaders. They must require an agreement between the parties involved to resolve this crisis.

Jude Célestin and Jovenel Moses should work as a duo of President and Prime Minister regardless of the next election results, not only to solve this political crisis, but to send a strong message of reconciliation for the Haitian people, and perhaps prevent the darkest days looming over our heads. You know, our history is full of them. Endless street protests, the majority of the population having no confidence in their government, no power balance etc ...

This election is historic for Haiti on so many levels, why not make it even more so for the benefit of the country. This will also send a strong message to the international community: Haiti is ready to start working with it on an equal footing with a clear vision towards development.

We must stop quarreling with each other about a bunch of political nothingness, which prevent us from meeting the endless pressing needs facing this country: chronic poverty, underdevelopment, alarming deforestation, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of modern education, crippled infrastructures, corruption at all levels of government, the humanitarian crisis at the border, the resurgence of cholera ... Should I continue?

Haiti can not continue to live from crisis to crisis. The needs and said of its people can not continue to be rejected simply to have a president in place.

But for such an agreement to be signed, the two sides should reach a mutual understanding on a set of expectations and conditions.

The first: Members of the CEP and the judges of the Electoral Tribunal, who are accused of accepting bribes, like bank receipts and other evidence has demonstrated, must be tried by a court for fraud. No questions regarding this one.

Someone has to pay for this political mess that the country now finds itself, we know that we can not imprison the international community for its involvement in the realization of this crisis; however, their Haitian accomplices, our officials must be held accountable and judged under the highest standards of our laws on corruption, so that a clear legal message is sent to the corrupts.

Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin have the opportunity to show the world that Haiti can solve its internal discord peacefully.

If they fail to work together to reach such agreement before February 7, the population will see how they have bad faith. The population will once again see that power and greed are the only thing that matters to all Haitian politicians, like our sad history has shown for so long.

The population of Haiti is at a breaking point, 5 years after the massive earthquake that devastated the country, leaders of Haiti and those of the international community have failed to make any reconstruction whatsoever, leaving the people worse off than they were before, despite all the billions that were given indeed after the devastation.

Haitians have had enough, they are tired with the old politics, they want leaders who want to get to work immediately and move the country forward.

Maybe we are just dreaming of such a political agreement. Who said we could not dream however?