Haiti is nearing the end of a week-long process of vote count and tabulation process, following the presidential election held last Sunday. Speaking to reporters, Leopold Berlanger, President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the body responsible for the organisation of elections in Haiti, said that preliminary results of last week redone presidential election will be published sometimes Monday. Most likely in the wee hours, in an attempt to prevent violent protests from taking place.

Roughly 98 percent of voter tally sheets have been processed and so far 22 percent of them have been set aside for a closer look due to missing signatures and other minor issues, according to Berlanger.

The huge warehouse in Port-au-Prince where the vote counts have been happening since Sunday, non stop, is heavily guarded by U.N peacekeepers and Haitian police, as tensions continue to rise after two political parties claimed victories a day following the election, despite it being illegal for results to be released by anyone other than the Provisional Electoral Council.

Tension is rapidly escalating in Haiti as ballots are counted

Sunday's presidential election is crucial for Haiti to bring itself back to constitutional order after more than a year of political crisis and an interim government. It is the do over of a presidential election held October 2015 whose results were annulled by a verification commission, after widespread fraud allegations surfaced.

27 candidates competed for the presidency last Sunday, but only three of them are viable for the post, while two have already conceded without waiting for the official results.