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The project of installation of surveillance cameras on the main axes of Delmas takes shape. Of the 322 cameras to be installed, 193 are already placed in strategic areas. Commissioner of Delmas, Jean-Bruce Myrtil, said that the rate of crime and banditry in the area for the month of January has decreased considerably.

The police of Delmas has control of the main axes of Delmas. "From now on, the smallest gestures are scanned in real time thanks to cameras networked using a router and an Internet connection." These cameras are placed at different levels in front of commercial banks, Private and public enterprises and some residences. The covered areas extend from Delmas 62 to Delmas 2 and from the crossroads of the airport to Trois-Mains, not far from the Sonapi. "When suspicious behavior is detected, a police patrol visits the scene and calls the individual. Cases of this kind have already been recorded, " said Jean-Bruce Myrtil in an interview.

According to the head of the Delmas police station, the project is real and is starting to give results. Two bandits were apprehended thanks to these images. They are Pierre Richard Drouard and Robert Louis. During this month of January, Jean-Bruce Myrtil announced that the crime rate and banditry has decreased considerably. "No complaints have been received. Crime has diminished considerably," the Commissioner said, with a touch of pride. He argues that this project, which is part of a public-private partnership, has been developed to combat banditry, to facilitate the identification of perpetrators and to prevent criminal acts. He is determined to track the bandits in order to create a serene climate in the commune of Delmas. In addition, Commissioner Jean-Bruce Myrtil welcomes the cooperation between private companies and the police in the installation of the cameras. It invites other business enterprises that do not yet feel concerned to follow suit.