Haiti's Private Sector demands the resignation of Prime Minister "without delay"

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"The Private Sector Economic Forum condemns with the utmost severity the acts of violence and vandalism that have heavily affected private and public enterprises and institutions, and many Haitian and foreign citizens in the past three days. The Economic Forum wishes to express its sincere sympathies to the victims of this barbarity, which is detrimental to the social climate, the national image and our ability to attract private investment generating sustainable employment and economic prosperity.

The Private Sector Economic Forum wishes to stress here its conviction that these acts largely reflect the high degree of frustration - or even distress - of the majority of our fellow citizens, in the face of the deterioration of their living conditions for many years.  While deploring the fact, however, it considered that such frustration, however justified it might be, could not excuse such an increase in violence, destruction and the violation of the fundamental rights of the entire population. The Economic Forum is also surprised by the inaction of the police force in the face of this unprecedented and unacceptable overflow of delinquency, contrary to their central mission of maintaining order and protecting lives and property.
The Economic Forum of the Private Sector believes that this situation results above all from a lack of leadership from the highest authorities of the Haitian State, including the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and his Government. This is evidenced by, among other things, the apparent lack of security planning that would logically precede the adoption of the drastic oil price adjustment measure decreed by the Government on 6 July 2018.

While taking note of the recent decision to withdraw this measure taken by the Executive, the Economic Forum is of the opinion that the President of the Republic should draw the logical conclusions of this deplorable situation and ask the Prime Minister to submit without delay his resignation and that of his Government, in order to offer a way out of the current political stalemate.

The Private Sector Economic Forum earnestly hopes that the choice of the new government will be made in the widest possible consultation and will be associated with the adoption of a realistic plan of action, aimed at meeting the basic needs of the population within ways and means available. The Economic Forum appeals to the sagacity of our elected representatives, both of the Executive and the Parliament, so that they adopt a more realistic and responsible budget allowing to collect the tax revenues where they are, in particular through an effective fight against the double scourge of smuggling and tax evasion. The Economic Forum believes that a significant reduction in this scourge would certainly have helped to mitigate the magnitude of the price adjustment of petroleum products adopted this July 6.

The Private Sector Economic Forum takes this opportunity to reiterate its desire to continue to make its own contribution to the social fabric by urging all its members not only to scrupulously respect their tax obligations but also to fruitful social dialogue with the local authorities. authorities and organized bodies of civil society, with a view to building the conditions for a more just and prosperous society, enjoying greater harmony among all citizens.

Done at Pétion-Ville, July 9, 2018,

For the Private Sector Economic Forum

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