Interim President of Haiti Jocelerme Privert has put to rest all the calls for him to resign on May 14; the date when an elected president is supposed to take office, under a political agreement last minute that Privert, the then president of the Senate had signed with incumbent President Michel Martelly, to bring the country out of an electoral quagmire.

But last week, the president said the second round of presidential elections will not take place until October.

Based on the confused language of the agreement, which requires the installation of an elected president on May 14 but said that the mandate of the interim president comes to an end within 120 days from February 14, 2016 when Privert took office; or June 14th; So Privert remains interim president until then. Parliament will have to either extend his mandate or replace him.

Jocelerme Privert as president of the Senate was the one who negotiated the agreement with Martelly on behalf of Parliament; had he already concluded at the time that an elected president would not be able to take office on May 14?

Many Haitians as well as many members of parliament have been very vocal about the need for the interim president to resign on May 14, they accuse the president of wanting to stay in power beyond his non renewable term of 120 days.

Furthermore an audit committee with a 30 days mandate took office last week. The president says he wants to pu to rest all allegations of fraud that have prevented the completion of the electoral process thus far.