The National Association of Haitian Media (ANMH) denounces a carnival of meringue by Haitian president Michel Martelly, known by his stage name "Sweet Micky", which targets the journalist and director of programming of Radio TV Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre-Paul, in a note dated December 16, 2015.

Instead of spending the last moments of his mandate to find solutions to the problems of the country and contribute, through their involvement, to seek ways to resolve the post-election crisis, President Michel Martelly instead favors account settlements with the Haitian press, very critical of his management, continues ANMH.

This unspeakable act reflects the irresponsibility and carelessness of Martelly, who took over his audience musician-entertainer costume.

A fragment of this carnival meringue, in which hummed the chorus Ti Lili (referring to Liliane Pierre-Paul), is already circulating on social networks.

Martelly has dared, as part of an interview with RTVC, to termed the famous and respected journalist with the derogatory nickname "Ti Lili" , Liliane Pierre-paul was president at the time of the ANMH and director of programming at Radio/TV Kiskeya.

"Liliane Pierre-Paul is an icon and all attacks targeting this prestigious personality of our press is a direct attack against freedom of expression," says the note.

The assault against the person of Liliane Pierre-Paul is an attack against the Haitian press, which, overall, has helped to expose the abuses caused by numerous government over the years.

By its linear path and its daily patriotic commitment, totally unselfish, journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul deserves the society respect and not derision.

"Any rewarding society recognizes the merit and devotion of its citizens like Liliane Pierre-Paul, a model to show, for fact, she has made her profession in total devotion to the service of the nation requesting democratic change. "

"Liliane Pierre-Paul is one of the characters who are a credit to our country, to her profession, by establishing as a guard and guardian of democratic gains, which she was at the forefront," says the note.

The ANMH denounces and condemns this new attempt by the president of the republic who,  once again, was disqualified by missing another opportunity to live up to his office.

"The State must be the place of recognition of the values ​​and merit, awarding distinctions to citizens and citizens who have distinguished themselves in their field of action and not the contrary"