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Haiti's President-elect, Jovenel Moise, had a long press conference following his appearance before Judge Bredi Fabien, the magistrate investigating allegations of money laundering made against the incoming president, by the
 Central Unit of Financial Intelligence (UCREF), a government agency.

President-elect of Haiti, will come into office amid money laundering allegations

Speaking to reporters the soon to be president said that the report was an "invention" of longtime political foes.

Jovenel Moise, who wasn't officially summoned by the court, said the decision for him to appear before the judge even without an invitation and a lawyer present, was to show that "no one was above the law." and to give a definitive declaration on the matter. He said that the investigating judge questioned him for four hours and he responded for all four hours.

Jovenel Moise continues to categorically deny the allegations, accusing politicians of using the governmental agency to politically persecute him.