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Haiti's President-elect, Jovenel Moise, recommended that the spending for his official inauguration on February, 7th, 2017, does not exceed $1 million. 

Spokesman of the President-elect's transition team, Lucien Jura, speaking to local media, says that the future president wanted his inauguration to be relatively smaller in price compare to that of many of his predecessors, such as Rene Preval's in 2005 for $4 million, and $2 million for Michel Martelly's in 2010.

Lucien assured that despite the low cost, the investiture ceremony will respect all traditions and protocols; only "unnecessary spending" would be eliminated, clarified the spokesman, while reminding that the low spending was approved by the current administration of Jocelerme Privert, which is responsible to organize the transition.

Lucien Jura also confirms that many former Haitian President have been invited to the swearing in ceremony of Jovenel Moise, as well as many dignitaries from around the world, without specifying whom exactly.