Haiti's President Chief of Staff, Wilson Laleau, said that International investigators should handle the PetroCaribe corruption scandal

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The Chief of Staff of Haiti’s President, Wilson Laleau and former Minister of Finance under the Michel Martelly presidency, last week end, participated in the talk show <<Carrefour>> "crossroad" on Radio Mega in Port-au-Prince; during the show, Wilson Laleau addressed the sensible issue of PetroCaribe.

For Wilson Laleau, whom is also pinned in the damning 686 pages senatorial report accusing many current and former officials of having wasted, mismanaged and embezzled more than $2 billion of PetroCaribe funds, there should be a creation of an apolitical, “commission of truth” made up of reputed international investigators to shed light on the use of this money which was suppose to fund social projects.

"It would be interesting to entrust the analysis of the file to an apolitical truth commission composed of known foreign experts, in order to avoid any injustice in this affair,"  said Wilson Laleau, Chief of staff of the Haitian President, Jovenel Moise.

Wilson Laleau believes that during his time as Minister of Finance, he managed well the PetroCaribe funds. According to him, “…the real bandits, the real grave diggers, the real thieves, hide behind this file to dirty and harm the image of those who served their country.”

Haitian President says he fights corruption while chief of staff and secretary are accused of embezzlement

Still, Wilson Laleau argues that the best way to settle this case is to recruit internationally known specialists to conduct a thorough investigation into the privacy of people who acted on behalf of the state and determine their assets, properties and expenses. The Senatorial report on PetroCaribe has nothing to do with the truth,  said firmly the Chief of staff of President Jovenel Moise.” It is a pretext, it is impartial and partisan.”

It is not clear if the wish of Wilson Laleau to recruit international experts to evaluate the use of PetroCaribe funds is also that of his boss, Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who has taken a very hard line against the PetroCaribe file which he has accused of being nothing more than a political witch hunt and has taken many steps to bury it.

The Haitian government has recently find itself on the defensive on this issue, the most challenging  thus far for the administration of Jovenel Moise, following comments of the United Nations Secretary General Representative’s in Haiti Susan Page, whom on February 25th applauded Haitian Justice for appointing judges to further investigate the Petrocaribe files. She also expressed her regret that no investigating judge had been assigned to two cases of alleged human rights violations on the part of the Haitian police.

The Haitian government reacted strongly to the comments which the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs qualified as “appalling”. Haiti’s Ambassador to the United Nations was recalled for consultation, the President cancelled his attendance at a high-level U.N meeting on cholera last minutes, all in protest. And for the usually quiet Haitian Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, “ Haiti is neither a mill nor a savannah. An international organisation can not permit itself to make such partisan declarations in Haiti. The PetroCaribe file is highly and eminently political.” He said. 

"Haiti is neither a mill nor a savannah" Haitian Prime Minister slammed the United Nations Special representative in Haiti

Would the Haitian Government welcome international investigators to shed light on the spending of more than $2 billion of PetroCaribe funds, as the Haitian President's Chief of Staff suggested?

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