Participating in the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Community of States of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC), President Michel Martelly assured the world that elections unfulfilled for four years now, will take place this year. All conditions leading to these electoral contests are now met, suggested Michel Martelly.

'Haiti is now putting the focus on the elections,' 'dropped Haitian President Michel Martelly in a speech on Thursday, in front of twenty heads of State and Government attending the third summit of CELAC, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

The head of the Haitian state has awarded a good mark for initiating a dialogue with some opposition parties, which helped lead to an agreement for the establishment of a CEP and a consensus government .

Pointing CELAC member countries on political turmoil, trying traditionally predominant electoral periods in Haiti, Michel Martelly was glad to have spent, not without a fight, this ordeal.

'' Thanks to the dialogue that I have established with all political and social sectors of national life, these difficulties are behind us for now, '' proudly said the head of state.

Regarding the consensus government recently formed,  Michel Martelly praised his new prime minister Evans Paul as a 'great figure of the opposition'; and in respect to the electoral council, the Haitian president presented this institution as credible.

In addition, the head of the Haitian State reported that the presidential term should be transmitted to his successor by the beginning of 2016.

 Michel Martelly mentioned in substance that the year 2015 is crucial for the future of democracy in Haiti.

Note that the third summit of CELAC focused on strengthening the Latin American and Caribbean unity, facing destabilizing attempts against the progressive governments of the region. The meeting took place in Costa Rica on 28 and 29 January.