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The president of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert has announced that in the coming weeks his government will allocate nearly $30 million towards an agricultural campaign to "avoid a nationwide famine" after humanitarian assistance in the wake of the devastating hurricane Matthew will soon start to diminish.

The winter campaign must begin this month added the president.

A month after hurricane Matthew destroyed 90% of all the homes and wiped out nearly all the crops, 1.5 million people are still in urgent humanitarian assistance and there is growing tension and anger over aid distribution. Two people have been killed during clashes with the police coordinating the aid. Earlier this week a teenage boy became the latest fatal victim.

Haitian government strongly condemns "unacceptable" death of teenager during aid distribution

The Unicef has also sounded the alarm over the dire conditions of the children, the most affected by the devastating effects of the storms. Tens of thousands of children in the most affected areas are still unable to return to school. Their schools have either been destroyed, severely damaged or transformed into temporary shelters.

UNICEF sounds alarm about dire conditions of Haiti's children after Hurricane Matthew