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Haitian National Police chief Michel-Ange Gédéon said yesterday that he has adopted many new provisions to restore order in the Grand Ravine and Ti Bois districts, which have recently been plagued by violent gangs confrontations, but the head of Haiti's National Police insisted that the government must address the complexity of the violence.

He explained that police are working closely with officials of the UN Mission (MINUSTAH) to curb the phenomenon.

However, the head of the HNP considers it necessary an approach that involves all sectors of society to combat the problem of violence in the populous neighborhoods and added that police interventions can evict the bandits, but can not solve the problems. Social problems generate violence.

Gédéon in particular regretted the total absence of the State in many populous districts and that the young people accept as leaders the leaders of these gangs and urged authorities to work to create new models for the youth.

The chief of police recently toured northern Haiti, to learn about the functioning of the different police commissions in that part of the country and especially in Limonade where individuals recently looted the police station and killed many agents.

He said that on this issue the investigation is ongoing, several suspects have been questioned and at least two of the four weapons stolen from the security institution have already been recovered.

The day before, one death and several wounded were reported in clashes between armed bands in the Martissant neighborhood south of the capital, a fight that began last Sunday when alleged gang-member  'Roro' was killed.