The Haitian police chief, Orélus Godson, with a sense of serenity ensured that the security forces are beginning to implement the security plan in place, during the first round of parliamentary elections this Sunday, August 9

Speaking on Radio Métropole waves this Sunday, Mr. Orelus announced that the police have already arrested several individuals who have not complied with the security measures taken by the police authorities.

These citizens were arrested in the North West of the department.

Due to the withdrawal of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) in several regions, the National Police will be responsible for ensuring the safety of members of the electoral machine of candidates and voters on election day.

According to Mr. Orélus due to the reduced number of Police, deployments will be made based on the security environment. The famous red areas could be subject to a higher effective deployment. The High Command of the Police plans to supplement the inadequate staffing in the most vulnerable regions in terms of security.

However the police chief wants political actors to contribute to maintaining a safe environment within the prescribed writ concerning the election campaign.

Orélus said that he is also determined to work to prevent law enforcement officers from taking position in favor of certain candidates or political parties. The police must work impartially and have a balanced behavior vis-à-vis all the candidates, he insisted.