"The group of presidential candidates engaged in the electoral process commonly called G8 group learned with astonishment the decision of the Secretary General of the OAS Luis Almagro, following a indignant request of President Michel Joseph Martelly whose mandate once termed, with no possibility of extension, on February ; to send to Haiti a curious mediation mission.

The G-8 noted that shortly after this decision,  President Martelly fort blind support of the OAS, held incendiary statements likely to plunge the country into bloody anarchy and general chaos.

The G-8 challenges the interference of the OAS in the internal affairs of Haiti.

The G8 considers that the OAS is suffering in Haiti, a deficit of neutrality and is an irritating factor in finding a solution to the Haitian crisis for the following reasons:

1-The OAS is the main cause of the current crisis to have favored in 2010, the coming to power of a candidate who did not receive the necessary popular support to win the elections: Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly is a pathetic creature of the OAS. This is confirmed by numerous statements by the former representative of the OAS in Haiti, Ricardo M Steinfus.

2- The OAS has always supported the President that it had made in Haiti in all its excesses throughout so five years.

3- The Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS, by declaring that the elections were acceptable, showed its lack of seriousness since the opposite has been established as international observers, the likes of Belgian political scientist Joris Willem, as the committee presidential election of independent evaluation. The OAS therefore shows, indecently, its partisan behavior. It is absolutely impossible, today for it to play the mediator role.

4-The OAS through its communications dated 7 January 2016 (ref: E-359/16), is part of those who, despite popular protests, reports of domestic observers, the recommendations of the Presidential Commission of independent electoral evaluation continued to shout ADELANTE << >> (eleksyon tèt dwat) for the elections of 24 January 2016. It even persisted in stubbornness with a new press release dated 12 January 2016 (ref: 361/16).

The G8 reiterates its firm and unwavering determination to continue to support the Haitian people in defending their just.

The G-8 invites the Haitian people not to be intimidated by both irresponsible and inflammatory statements rash of head of state, whose mandate expires on February 7 by the provocations of PHTK supporters.

The G8 supports the peaceful popular demonstrations organized everywhere across the country in order to force state officials to respect the verdict of the polls.

More united than ever, the G8 reiterates its determination to do everything within the framework of the law, to respect the popular will."