Photo credit: Yahoo!

The Haitian Parliament remains deeply divided over the fate of Jocelerme Privert, who has become the de facto president of Haiti after his term of 120 days ended on June 14.

For the second time, the National Assembly has not been able to hold a vote to either extend the mandate of the President or choose someone else to replace him; citing security concerns the national assembly was cancelled sine die

Thus the country continues towards even more dangerous political uncertainties with the potential to aggravate the crisis and derail all the efforts that have been made so far for the completion of the electoral process started since October 2015.

When the constitutional mandate of Martelly had ended on February 7th 2016 without an elected president to take over, Parliament selected Privert as the interim president for 120 days. Now that his tenure has ended, lawmakers seem to be reluctant to decide on his fate not to disrupt opponents or supporters, leaving the presidency in limbo.

Earlier this week, US special coordinator to Haiti, Kenneth Merten, said that the United States continues to recognize Privert as president of Haiti, but legislators should quickly make clarifications.