Haiti's Ministry of Tourism has officially launched video campaign promotions of Haiti as a tourist destination in the United States, especially in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey  and Connecticut, among other cities with large Haitian, and Haitian -american population.

These ads will be featured in some of the United States largest' cables such as CNN, Discovery Channel, Food Network, A&E etc...

The dynamic Haitian minister of tourism have worked hard to put Haiti back in the travelling world map, as an attractive, unique destination, with myriads to offer.

Stephanie Balmir Villedouin's hard work, seems to have paid off. Although still far from achieving her goal, under her leadership the tourism industry in Haiti is at its grand revival; Haiti is featured in prominent international travel magazines, travel agencies's as one of the top must visit destination in 2015.

Earlier this year, the Caribbean Tourism Organization released data showing a near 25 % tourism growth.

Many internationally branded hotels have open their doors to accommodate the steadily rising tourists, such as Best Western, Royal Oasis, Marriott, Hilton Garden, with many other ones in the pipelines. 

Haiti as also signed a major agreement last year with the giant cruising company Carnival Cruise Lines for the construction of a $70 million cruise ship port in  Ile-de-la Tortue (Tortuga Island).

The Haitian Government has also invested heavily in many tourism construction projects, especially in Ile à, Vache, where an international airport as well as a private/public partnership to build resorts and private condos in the pristine island.