"The prosecutors have misbehaved, the government  have exercised power reserved to the Supreme Court. We completely disagree with the prosecution ".

So is the statement made by Haiti's  Minister of Justice, Pierre Richard Casimir, during his intervention  as guest of the day on a popular political talk show of Radio Vision 2000 in Port-au-Prince

This statement by Minister Casimir, follows his embarrassment by at first, refusing to answer the host's question on the kidnapping ruling, that saw the liberation of two prisoners, Woodly Etheart and Renel Nelfort, both close friends of president Martelly, who were arrested for their involvement in an endless list of crimes, including kidnapping and false imprisonment against ransom, murder, illicit drug trafficking, vehicle theft, illegal possession of firearms, forgery, usurpation of title, money laundering, money laundering complicity and criminal conspiracy; without a trial. Where the judge Lamare Belizaire had simply dismissed the case ruling that the prosecution "Had no case."  Following a request made by the public prosecutors to the judge on the basis that they didn't believe they could win a conviction.

This latest corruption scandal, called a travesty of justice by more than one, have been dominating international headlines about Haiti, and even prompted a response from the Obama administration