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On Friday, during a press conference, Haiti's Minister of justice, Camille Junior Edouard, visibly angry, strongly came out against a resolution adopted by the Senate last week, formally condemning the arrest and extradition to the US of Senator-elect Guy Philippe and, demanding that Camille be tried for High Treason for having authorized the process without consulting a Haitian court. Mr Camille explained that as minister of justice, he had processed Philippe’s arrest and transfer to the US justice system, under the principle of continuity of the state, not mentioning “extradition” at any time.

Mr Camille pointed out that since 2002 until his arrival at the ministry, "81 people were arrested and handed over to the American courts”  under an agreement that both nations had signed." What was I suppose to do? annihilate the cooperation? What was I suppose to do? show solidarity with the traffickers? No. In the name of the Haitian State, I acted like others have done, and I acted with a calm conscious. I assumed my responsibilities as Minister of Justice and of Public Security." Shouted the man if convicted of the crime the Senate wants to charge him for, faces life of forced labors in prison.

"We must stop this hypocrisy," the minister insisted, calling on society and the media to question the interests and foundations of reactions in connection with this particular issue. 

Noting that Philippe at the time of his arrest "was not covered by the principle of immunity" specifying that "this protection granted by law to parliamentarians, begins on the day they take the oath of office."

Finally, Camille recalled that crimes such as drug and human trafficking were international offences, irrespective of the place or territory in which they were committed.

Since the arrest and extradition to the US in early January, of Senator-elect Guy Philippe on international drug trafficking and money laundering charges, Haiti has been plunged in a constitutional crisis and the Haitian Senate has been scrambling to come up with an appropriate response as public pressure for the return of Guy Philipe continues to grow. The United States however, is very unlikely to give Haiti back Guy Philipe, who faces life in a federal prison if convicted.