Today, the interim president of Haiti will appoint a new prime minister with a mission to do everything necessary to complete the electoral process twice canceled due to allegations of fraud and violence. Confirmed the office of the president.

The Prime Minister has not yet been appointed, and there is already an obstacle to his appointment however.

According to Article 137 of the Haitian Constitution, the appointment of a Prime Minister is made in consultation with the presidents of both houses of parliament. 
The presidency of the senate is vacant. Jocelerme Privert current interim president was president of the senate, before his peers elected him as the temporary president. Therefore he resigned as president of the Senate, without the possibility of being elected to the legislature after his temporary presidency.

Members of parliament are now rushing to elect a new Senate President, time is short. Only 115 days to install a new prime minister, to investigate fraud allegation of the recent elections, implement a new provisional electoral council to finally hold the elections on April 24, so that an elected president can be sworn in May 14 .

Senator Andris Riche is very frustrated by this situation, "the Senate was supposed to already organized this election." he said.

He also has a perfect solution. The oldest member of the House should be elected as president of the Senate; the only problem is that at 69 years, Andris Riche is the oldest.

Senators Youri Latortue and the Evalière Beauplan are most likely to become the new president of the Senate.