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The unexpected election of Donald Trump as the new American President has sent shock waves throughout the rest of the world. The reactions in the countries that Donald Trump has mentioned during his campaign vary, depending on the comments he made. Country such as Russia, whose president, Vladimir Putin, Trump praised, is happy about his election, while Mexicans are worried about the presidency of the man who has repeatedly called for the building of a wall along their shared border; a wall which Mexico will pay for, according to Trump.

In Haiti, a country that Trump used as prime example of failure and corruption of his then rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the reactions are many. Depending on who you talk to.

Most fear that Haitians will be among the millions deported back to their homeland when Donald Trump takes office. As he has promised to do day one. And they don't necessarily view the election of Donald Trump as a sudden change of American politics towards their country.

Others see Hillary Clinton lost to the controversial businessman as a payback.

 As the published emails of the former Secretary of State have since revealed, Hillary Clinton's State Department in 2010 played prominent role in pressuring Haitian leaders to modify an official presidential election result in order to put in power Michel Martelly, a controversial, unfiltered, wealthy, popular pop musician, with an even more extreme personality than Donald Trump. As performer Martelly would go on stage in diaper, thongs, drag, or simply nude while he performed one of his politically charged hit songs.
Donald Trump was caught on a secret video tape, saying how he liked to grabbed woman by their genitals, Hillary-backed Michel Martelly, as sitting president of Haiti, released a carnival hit songs with lyrics that suggested doing sexual acts with a banana to Liliane Pierre Paul, one of Haiti's leading and most respected journalists and 
one of Martelly's staunchest critics.

Mirlande Manigat, the former first lady who lost the 2010 Haitian presidential election to Michel Martelly, did not forget what Hillary Clinton did to her.

"There is a big difference between me and Hillary Clinton", said the former presidential candidate who was asked for her opinions on Hillary Clinton who also as a former first lady lost a presidential election. " Me, I had won the elections. It was following the intervention of the americans, in particular of Hillary, that they chose a different winner. But as for Hillary, she has very well lost the election in a regular system." the former first lady did not want to comment on the President-elect Donald Trump

Michel Martelly sent out a tweet congratulating the American President-Elect.
"I present my sincere congratulations to @realDonaldTrump, 45th president of the United States, for his victory at the ballots."