The Independent Electoral Commission of Evaluation welcomes the Haitian people and members of the press in particular. It takes pleasure to bring to their knowledge that  after its installation, it had immediately put itself at work to define a working methodology and a timetable based on the understanding of the mandate entrusted and terms of reference.

It will be primarily for the commission to meet with key players involved in the election process of October 25, 2015, to read and analyze the available information on the ballot and then go to Tabulation Centre to proceed with the verification of certain data and information.

The Commission expects that this transaction at the center of Tabulation may be put off from Sunday, December 27 in the afternoon. This could last for two or three days.
The Evaluation Independent Electoral Commission reiterates to the Haitian people its determination to lead this process of election assessment independently and impartially in order to project the light and bring out the truth about the process in greater transparency.