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The Haitian ambassador to the United Nations, Denis Regis, speaking to the UN general Assembly in New York last week, first, thank the United Nations for Its new position in the cholera epidemic that was introduced to his country in 2010 by UN nepalese peacekeepers, and has since claimed the lives of over 10.000 Haitians and sickened hundreds of thousands more.

Two weeks ago, the United Nations announced that it would put together a $400 million package to compensate victims, finance treatments and help build Haiti's water infrastructures.

The diplomat said that it was "encouraging for human dignity" because the right to reparation in cases of damages is "elementary." This situation, continued the diplomat, "will have the value of a test for the United Nations attachment to human rights." .

Ambassador Denis pleaded for each member states to put themselves in Haiti's shoes. This inadvertent epidemic could have occurred anywhere, believe the man sent to the world body to defend the interest of his country.

The Haitian ambassador also called on the United States government to make an official comment regarding the new position of the United Nations on the cholera issue, because their are ongoing lawsuits against the United Nations in US courts seeking compensations for the victims and their families; the US government continues to defend the immunity that the United Nations first claimed from these lawsuits, arguing that it would set an dangerous precedent and will weaken the organisation's missions around the world.