Haiti requests Pan American Health Organization's support in advocating for a larger budget for health

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Visita de la delegación de Haití a la OPS

Haiti has made progress in strengthening its health systems, in eliminating diseases such as malaria, and in decreasing maternal mortality, among other areas, explained the Minister of Health and Population of that country, Marie Gréta Roy Clément. Challenges remain, however, for which the support of the Pan American Health Organization is essential, added the Minister during her visit to the Organization's headquarters.

The Haiti delegation requested PAHO's support in advocating for a larger budget for health, as well as support with the coordination of partners working in the country to achieve a better alignment in the development of health programs. On the other hand, the Minister of Health highlighted PAHO's support with the creation of the Health Emergency Response Unit, as well as the elimination of diseases such as malaria, among other activities.

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The Minister of Health and Population of Haiti made her presentation to PAHO staff during a visit that analyzed the country's health situation, priority issues, and most urgent needs, to identify ways in which the Pan American Health Organization, regional office for the World Health Organization, can contribute.

Within this context, Clément explained that the great challenges in health for her country are the lack of medical equipment, qualified human resources, and financial resources for the health system.

PAHO Director Carissa F. Etienne thanked the Minister for sharing the information and praised Haiti's health achievements. She affirmed that PAHO will be providing support to seek the best options with the country to work to improve the health of the population.

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