Haiti has recalled for consultations its ambassador in the Dominican Republic. After two days of discussion with the ambassador and other representatives of Haiti to the Dominican Republic, Haiti's Foreign Minister Duly Brutus said Friday a set of provisions to protest violence against striking Haitian nationals.

The Haitian ambassador Fritz Cinéas, consuls and all the heads of mission in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince since Wednesday. During the last two days, Haitian diplomats and Chancellor have an update on the developments on the other side of the border. Foreign Minister, who met the press on Friday claimed to have collected as much information.

What retains Duly Brutus after meeting the diplomats is not new to many people. "There were no major changes in violation of the rights of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, has finally recognized the Foreign Minister after multiple violations of the rights of Haitian migrants. "According to the report presented by a number of our representatives, we find that there is a rise of anti-Haitian there", said the Haitian chancellor.

After two days of consultations with representatives of Haiti and the Minister, recommendations were made. The Ambassador of Haiti left the capital in his possession a letter to the Dominican Foreign Minister, Andrés García Navarro. In this correspondence, the Haitian government asked the Dominican government to strengthen security around the embassy of Haiti in the Dominican Republic to ensure the safety of all Haitian diplomatic staff, whether in Santo Domingo or in different provincial cities, according to the reading by the Minister Brutus.

"We also ask you to respect the fundamental rights of every Haitian in the Dominican Republic," said Minister Duly Brutus accompanied by Cinéas ambassador and consul of Haiti in the Dominican Republic. The words of the Haitian Chancellor arrived almost two weeks after the murder of a young Haitian in Santiago. After the many criticisms of human rights organizations on the silence of the Haitian authorities on this issue.

"There are secotors in the Dominican Republic that have use this context to burn the Haitian flag. We condemn this act and ask the Dominican government to react further said the Minister Brutus. We think it is extremely important for the Dominican government to make its voice heard on all these acts committed against Haitians in the Dominican Republic. "

What is happening on the other side of the border does not cut the bridge between the two governments. Foreign Minister says that Haiti is ready to continue working with the Dominican government to ensure that the act made will not be repeated again. "If the court does not take a penalty against offenders, perhaps, this act will be repeated," argued Duly Brutus.

As if he knew that the Dominicans extremists would re-offend. A second Haitian was killed in the Dominican Republic on Thursday night. It is the Minister himself who broke the news. The so-called Ti Louis was found decapitated in the area of ​​Elias Pinas. This new assassination provoked the anger within the Haitian population. The border between the two countries was closed for the day Friday at Belladère.

"With this murder, I ask to close the border Belladère until the Dominican authorities take responsibility by stopping the culprit and doing justice to members of the Ti Louis family," said Deputy Chief Center, Jones Drice Germain quoted by online news agency Alter Presse. The Minister asked the Dominican government to shed light on these new murder cases. He promised that the Haitian government will do anything to repatriate the body of the victim and support his family.

Regarding the criticism to the Haitian authorities for not accompanied Jean Claude Harry's parents, diplomats defended themselves. Haiti's consul in Santiago, Ralph Hypolite, told be intervened with the family of Jean Claude Harry. However, it confirms that the coffin in which was buried the Haitian was a gift for organizing INACIF Dominican Medical Examiners. The consul said he helped the family to the tune of 10,000 pesos. About eleven thousand gourdes for a funeral.

In Haiti, human rights organizations continue to raise their voices to criticize the racist and xenophobic behavior of some Dominicans. Dozens of people marched in Haiti's capital Friday to demand justice for their countrymen. Apart from this march that ended in front of the Dominican embassy, ​​the protest notes multiply to denounce the behavior of the Dominican State.