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Tension in Haiti is palpable as electoral officials prepare to publish the results of last Sunday's election, tomorrow.

Among the thousands of supporters of the Lavalas party that took to the streets in the Haitian capital city Port-au-Prince earlier today, to protest against what they say is " a coup against the people", many could be heard saying that they will "set fire on everything" if Maryse Narcisse, their presidential candidate doesn't win the elections.  An actual concern which was raised after the former president of Haiti and founder of the Lavalas party, Jean Bertrand Aristide, said two weeks ago that there should be a "dechoukaj" in the country. A word that literally means looting and setting things and people on fire. Following the overthrow of the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier on February, 7,1986, the dechoukaj of many of his supporters took place in different parts of Haiti. Aristide was the first democratically elected president following the ousting of Duvalier.

Widespread fraud and irregularity allegations have already surfaced, and the parties Lavalas and PHTK  have already claimed victory without official results following the peaceful presidential election last Sunday, which itself, was the do over of a previous presidential election held October 2015, but was cancelled after fraud allegations and violence that erupted. 

Many fear a repeat of the 2015 electoral fiasco, but the Haitian government has put the over 10.000 men-strong national police on high alert to prevent the destruction of properties and protect lives. The UN peacekeepers stationed in the country since 2004, is also ready to assist.