The Dominican Republic has confirmed that the President of Haiti, Jocelerme Privert, will be one of the twelve heads of state present at the swearing in ceremony of Dominican President-elect Danilo Medina. The solemn ceremony marking the second constitutional mandate of Medina will be held August 16 at the National Convention.

It is expected that the issues of electoral assistance, migration and trade barriers that Port-au-Prince recently imposed to certain Dominican products will be discussed by the two leaders

The administration of President Privert recently sought help from the neighboring Dominican Republic with the organization of a contested election unprecedented in Haiti.

While the Dominican Electoral Board (JCE) has agreed to provide Port-au-Prince with the technical assistance it asked for, many Dominicans politicians continue to urge President Medina to reject the demand because of fears that the Dominican Republic could be charged with fraud by Haitians.

Many Haitians have been very vocal against the interim president's decision to seek the help of the Dominican Republic with the elections, especially after it was announced by the Haitian Prime Minister Jean Charles Enex that Haiti will assume the full costs of future elections.