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While the social networks are inflamed and a senator tried to appropriate the file on the causes of the death of René Préval, at the request of his wife, Elisabeth Préval, an autopsy was practiced Tuesday on the corpse of the former president. The director of the Forensic Institute, Dr. Jean Armel Demorcy, dissected and inspected the different parts of the corpse to determine the cause of death, Le Nouvelliste learned from nearby sources of the family of the deceased.

"Everything was done according to the rules of the art and every precaution was taken to avoid the stolen photos," said one family member. According to the first unofficial indications, Préval would not have succumbed to a stroke (stroke). Further investigations are in progress before the autopsy results in conclusions, medical sources said. "The results of an autopsy take time before revealing the causes of death," a doctor queried the delay between the operation carried out Tuesday and the manifestation of scientific truth told Le Nouvelliste. On Friday, the body of former President René Préval will be exhibited in the Gardens of the Museum of the National Pantheon (MUPANAH) at the Champ de Mars.

The president's national funeral will be sung on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Occyde Jeanty kiosk, at the Champ de Mars. The burrying will be done the same day in Marmelade, a small town in the province of origin of a part of the family of Preval where he spent part of his life and where the former president had invested in many Projects for the benefit of the inhabitants of the locality.

 René Préval will rest in a memorial designed by his friend the architect Daniel Elie, Le Nouvelliste has learned. The bamboo plant, which he introduced into the heights of Marmelade, will be the main element of the bucolic decor that will accommodate the remains of the former President of the Republic. He was twice president of Haiti (1996-2001 and 2006-2011) and died at his home on Friday, March 3, 2017, and his death was recorded at Laboule's Center-St-Claire (DASH) a few minutes later. Healthy, with no blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses that have been given to prostate cancer for years in Cuba, Préval, 74, was watching over his form and had passed in recent months a battery of medical tests that had all concluded on his good health, according to his family.

At the end of February, a week before his sudden death, suffering from migraine, the former president had passed a scan that had revealed nothing. According to information that Elisabeth Préval shared with the newspaper on Friday, the day of her death, it was a security officer close to the former president who found him inanimate in one of the salons of his residence. "He was sitting on a chair. He was rushed to the DASH, two nurses tried unsuccessful attempts to resuscitate, "Delatour Préval, who was on a trip at the time of the incident, told Le Nouvelliste.