Haiti paid last tribute to singer Manno Charlemagne with National Funeral

Posted by AFP on Saturday, December 23, 2017 Under: Culture
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The singer and former mayor of Port-au-Prince Manno Charlemagne, who died on December 10, received a national funeral in Haiti on Friday, December 22nd. He was buried in the afternoon in Verrettes, a city 60 km from the capital.

Haiti paid a last tribute to one of its great engaged singers  Manno Charlemagne, who died at 69 years of cancer. National funerals were celebrated this Friday in Port-au-Prince for the one who was briefly mayor of the capital but which symbolizes especially the fight against the colonial oppression and dictatorships, that of the Duvalier, then that of the military.

Against oppression, Manno Charlemagne took his voice and his guitar and it will cost him exile two times, under Duvalier son from 1980 to 1986 and under the military regime from 1991 to 1995. "Manno Charlemagne represents this Haitian consciousness that wants to get out of the colonial yoke. And he made all these efforts to tell the country's children to stand up, "said Marco Jeanty, the musician with whom he recorded his first album.

This struggle against colonialism, against political and social oppression will be a struggle led especially in Creole, for the people, as recalled the singer Erol Josué: "Manno Charlemagne represents a certain freedom, this facility he had to take the traditional songs of voodoo and put them in politics to be able to defend Haiti and the youth ".

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