Haiti opens Its first school of Optometry

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The dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the State University of Haiti (UEH), Dr. Jean-Claude Cadet, inaugurated on Thursday, April 12, 2018, the first school of Optometry of Haiti. This is the second school of optometry in the Francophone family of the Americas, after that of the University of Montreal.

According to Dr. Jean-Claude Cadet, the goal of the school is to train health professionals able to support the population in the management of pathologies related to eye health in Haiti.

The School of Optometry is located opposite the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Oswald Durand Street. Dr. Cadet is happy to have used a space that was occupied by the refugees on January 12, 2010. "The birth of the school has not been easy. After the earthquake, space was occupied by refugees. They gradually left when we explained that these 750 square meters will be used for national health, "said Dean Jean-Claude Cadet.

Professor Kovin Naidoo, president of "Brien Holden Vision Institute", who supported the establishment of a school of optometry in Haiti, explained the many experiences he had with other similar projects and the results. obtained have been fruitful over the years. "We have implemented about 14 optometry schools in 12 emerging countries and the evaluations have shown that eye health has improved greatly in these countries," said Professor Kovin Naidoo.

For his part, Dr. Luigi Bilotto, global director of human resources development at "Brien Holden Vision Institute" laid out the main goals of the project on two axes, one of which is to increase the supply of public training, the another which aims to promote research activities of international quality in Haiti. "We started with a 4-year program, after there will be continuing education for a master's degree program, or even a PhD program. We want to go all the way in the training sector in Haiti, "said Dr. Luigi Bilotto.

Dr. Jean-Claude Cadet, a career ophthalmologist, said that the number of ophthalmologists in Haiti is insufficient in relation to eye health needs, and these health professionals are unequally distributed across the country. "The training of optometry executives will supplement ophthalmologists, particularly in the management of ocular complications of certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sickle cell anemia. "

This ceremony was attended by various personalities, including Dr. Jessy Colimon Adrien (Executive Director of the HUEH), Sophia Stransky (Digicel Foundation), Christina Sanko (Senior Director of Development Optometry Giving Sight), Paul Jean-Baptiste (DISPROPHAR), Dave Bastien (president of the students at the FMP / UEH), Drs Maingrette, Romain, Péan; the secretary general of the rectorate of the State University of Haiti, Wilson Dorlus.

Dr. Jean-Claude Cadet believes that this is an opportunity to seize and he took the opportunity to launch a message of union between the public and private sector in order to prepare a working ground favorable to these new ocular health professionals in training for five months, in common core with UEH medical students. "We must do our best to consolidate this achievement in a country where medical education has had difficult times, optometrists must be front-line health workers in any national health policy that aims for the well-being of the population. », Said Dr. Jean-Claude Cadet, the baptismal father of the School of Optometry in Haiti.

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