These days, our attention is beset. There is a choice of crises. True as false. Even if in the wrong, there is always true. And vice versa.

In the coming days, some crises will develop, others to reverse. Keep a cool head.

There is an electoral crisis that is tied before our eyes. It has no name or epithet. It seeks. All the elements are in place. An almighty electoral council. A president campaigning on the chariot of the State. A ruling party that wants to stay. One hundred political parties without power who want to access it. No plan and no speech in any camp.

There is a migration crisis. It is in silhouette. It involves hundreds of thousands of people. They are invented all parts but cemented by stubborn hatred. All parts feed it, lie about statistics, but willingly under duress, fear or caution, Haitians are leaving the Dominican Republic. Returning home.

There is a diplomatic crisis. Without clear leadership, no battle plan, without purpose, Haiti is preparing to confront torment with no name. To have played with fire too, the time has come to pay the price of our escapades on the other side of the border. For giving the neighbor a taste of everything we sell, it gets us more and more difficult to close the gate. Diplomacy will have to rack their brains to find a way to mess these years.

There is a crisis of exchange rates. Because the Haitian economy has real structural problems and that the situation is conducive to it, because all the currencies in the world are under attack, and that sharks lurking around us, flasks suffers. It crumbles. There is no limit. We'll have to learn to adjust, stage by stage.

Plus the serious exchange crisis, the food crisis, agricultural crisis and social crisis, there is the economic crisis; it wraps around the other causes it feeds on them, draws ferments which regenerates. The economic crisis, here as elsewhere, arrives, moves and goes away. Except here, she visits us too often. Because of it, we have full hands.

Haiti empty-handed is not Mary full of grace but full of crises.

At the Lookout, like a new version of the fable The Fox and the Crow. the international community licks his chops in anticipation of our next fall.

Keep a cool head.