Haiti officials fear catastrophe from hurricane 6 days from presidential election

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While the Haitian government has made shelters available across the country for some 300.000 people as the powerful category 4 hurricane barrels down much of Haiti, barely 2.000 people have actually gone to these designated temporary shelters. Residents of homes just feet away from the ocean; half 
made of cement with a metal roof, half made completely of scavenged material, refused to leave despite dangerous predicted storm's surges.

Haitian officials are extremely worried about a potential "catastrophic" impact the hurricane will have on the affected areas, particularly on the 400.000 residents of Cité Soleil, Haiti's largest slums and the most dangerous part of the country, located along the coast of Port-au-Prince Metropolitan area "Those people are living all along the seashore in a bunch of huts which usually can't even really protect them from ordinary rain. Now we are talking about a strong hurricane. Imagine the disaster we may have to face here." said mayor Frederic Hislain to a Reuters reporter. 

Hurricane Matthew is expected to lash out strong winds on Haiti with a speed of 140 mile-per-hour (220kph) and up to 4 feet of rain over the country's deforested hills, causing flash floods and mudslides. It is the most powerful hurricane to affect Haiti in over 50 years. Last one in 1963 -Flora- killed 5.000 people. Haitian president Jocelerme Privert has said over the week end that he wanted to assure that no lives are lost, as the government mobilized all states ressources to assist, but already two men in the Southwest Department are confirmed dead, with the number expecting to rise significantly.

Already 1 reported dead and 1 missing in Haiti, as Hurricane Matthew makes landfall

Haiti is also due to hold a presidential election 6 days from today, on October 9th. Behind the scenes high ranking officials are talking about potentially reporting the presidential election, but all depending on the scale of the aftermath of the hurricane.

The reporting of the presidential election could have huge implications. This is the second presidential election in one year in the politically unstable country, the results of last year first round presidential's was annulled after widespread fraud allegations and violence. The official date for the holding of the presidential election since October 2015 has already been reported four times.

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