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Image credit: foxnews

Haiti's Ministry of Health in partnership with international aid organizations have officially launched today a massive cholera vaccination campaign. 

Some 820.000 people are expected to receive treatments for the illness within one week.

This vast cholera campaign came after a resurgence of cholera cases in the wake of the devastating hurricane Matthew last October. Some 3.000 confirmed new cases.

The deadly epidemic, now endemic to Haiti since its introduction by UN peacekeepers in 2010, has claimed the lives of over 10.000 people and sickened hundreds of thousands more.

After nearly 7 years of complete denial, the Secretary General apologized for the role the organization had in the epidemic. And a couple weeks later, the world body announced that it was seeking to put together a $400 million package to compensate victims and help Haiti rebuilt its water and sanitation systems.

Experts warn however that the vaccine is not a complete solution because one dose is about 65% effective for a period of only six months.

Health workers delivering the vaccines will also provide advice on how to prevent the spread of cholera.