Haiti National Police conducted special operations to dismantle group claiming to be former soldiers

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After the warnings, the authorities take action. Over the past weekend, Haiti National Police (PNH) agents have conducted two operations in the West and Central departments to dislodge individuals claiming to be demobilized soldiers. The information was confirmed by the spokesman of the Haitian National Police, Frantz Lerebours, contacted by telephone in the early afternoon of Monday. He pointed out that the raids were carried out at one base at Delmas 60 and another at Péligre. 

"After warnings from the Ministry of Defense, there were meetings at the PNH to dislodge those posing as former soldiers in the premises they occupied. The specialized units of the police intervened this weekend at the level of these 2 departments. There were 13 arrests in total, including 5 in the West and 8 in the Center. In terms of equipment, the officers seized uniforms and badges indicating that they are members of the reserve forces of the Army of Haiti, " said Lerebours.

According to the spokesman, both operations were conducted smoothly. "There was no clash. However, at Delmas 60, the officers had to break the main barrier because the occupants did not want to open it, " he said.

The PNH operations came after a final warning from Prime Minister Jack-Guy Lafontant. In a statement released last Friday, the head of the government said he found that individuals posing as demobilized soldiers persisted in their destabilizing enterprise, either by intimidating the population or by trying to replace the order of the forces of the military, notwithstanding repeated calls and warnings through official communiqués.

According to the PM, the government of the Republic can not tolerate the law being violated and the rights systematically trampled on without their authors paying the price. "Failure by them to comply with the law, other provisions will be made against them," he warned. The Ministry of Defense published a note on the same subject on April 10th. -The newspaper tried without success to have the reaction of the leader of the base of Delmas 60, Sergeant David Dormé.

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