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Dominique St. Roc, the Mayor of Haiti's most affluent city, Petionville, is the subject of legal proceedings in connection with the investigation into the murder of a young police officer.

The procedure was set in motion just three days after a young, recently graduated Police officer was killed in his home in Petionville by a group of men wielding machetes.The murder of the officer caused great excitement and anger of many residents of Juvénat, a district in Petionville, who initiated a citizens' arrest and apprehended 9 of the men that were involved in the gruesome attack.

The Mayor of Petionville, Dominique St Roc was heard yesterday by judge instructor Jean Wilner Morin, a few minutes after a hearing at the Public Prosecutor's Office in Port-au-Prince. Danton Leger, the head of the public prosecutor's office, said he saw many inconsistencies in the explanations provided by the police and the police commissioner on the one hand and Mayor St. Roc on the other. The case merits an in-depth investigation, argued the head of the Public Prosecutor's office explaining that the prosecution had forwarded the file immediately to the dean of the tribunal of first instance of Port-au-Prince.

The police officers reportedly confirmed to the Chief of the Prosecution that the Mayor had intervened to demand the release of the gang leader Jean Hilaire Ladouceur. The latter after his release would murder Rigaud Claude Clermont, a young police officer who was 24 years old, assigned to the police station of the zone.

Yesterday, the chief f Haiti's National Police, Michael Ange Gideon drew attention to the collaboration of residents of Juvénat who allowed the arrest of members of the gang involved in the assassination of Rigaud Clermont.

The indignant residents armed themselves with machetes to avenge the assassination of the policeman.

9 members of the gang were arrested while the head of this network of hooligan is sought by security forces.

Mr. Gédéon urged the police and departmental police authorities to respond urgently to capture the perpetrators of crime against the police as quickly as possible.