Haiti's president Michel Joseph Martelly has allocated a million dollar to the Nepalese government after two terrible earthquakes, less than three weeks apart from each other, have devastated the Asian Nation, leaving over 8.000 dead and over 19.000 injured.

This donation was confirmed by the president's spokesman Lucien Jura, during his intervention at a popular political talk show on Radio Television Caraibes, Sunday morning.

While the gesture of President Michel Martelly was appreciated by many, one of the guest at the show hoped that the President used his own money, not from the treasury of the state, He argued.

Lucien Jura did not confirm where the funds came from.

But, most people in Haiti don't really care if the President used his own money or made the donation from State's funds.

"It's nice to see Haiti giving a helping hand to a country that is going through the same devastation that we went through five years ago. It also changes the narrative of Haiti always being at the receiving end." Said a commentator