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The candidate for the Haitian presidential Jovenel Moise, who was the head of the election overturned last year, lamented the time and money lost in the failed electoral process.

"The country has lost $ 100 million and we have lost a year," Moise told AFP, recalling the cost of the 2015 elections in the poorest country of the Americas.

 The candidate of the party of former President Michel Martelly, PHTK, received 32.76% of the vote on 25 October, 2015, but widespread fraud led to the cancellation of the vote.

Two new series of elections are scheduled for October 9 and on January 8. To avoid a power vacuum, the Haitian parliament elected Jocelerme Privert as interim president following the departure without a successor, of Michel Martelly in February.

At the resumption of the new campaign at the end of August, against 26 other candidates, Moses was accused of corruption, on suspicion of the central agency for financial information on money laundering. "I have nothing to do with money laundering stories I am someone who has spent his life working honestly to be where I am."

"The cancellation of the elections is a purely political case," said the candidate.