Haiti imported 400.000 tons of rice from the United States in 2015

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While being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has always been one of the top five export destinations for American rice. Last year, over 400,000 tonnes of long-grain white rice was exported there - an amount that is 12 percent higher from 2014.

Using the USDA Market Access Program (MAP) USA Rice conducts promotions nationwide, targeting consumers and importers / US rice traders.

"USA Rice is one of the few, if not the only trade association conducting promotional activities in the country," said Ives-Marie Chanel, the USA Rice's representative in the country. 

From 2013, when the Vietnamese rice made its first foray into Haiti, USA Rice disseminate high quality Message, reliable, easy to cook American rice in the country. 
And these promotions have been a huge success. Although it was initially feared that the Vietnamese rice would be cut in the share of the US market, until now there has been no long-term negative effect of this new origin.

The US exports had dipped initially when 66,000 tons of Vietnamese rice has entered the market in 2013, but due to consistent and effective promotions that highlight the positive features of US rice, Haitians returned to their original choice.

"In several interviews with Haitian consumers, they complained that the Vietnamese rice is not cooked well and is harder to digest," said Eldridge Park, an Arkansas rice merchant and a member of the USA Rice Western Hemisphere Promotion Subcommittee.

 "Promotions USA Rice emphasized improving the quality of American rice and really helped stop what could have been a huge success in one of our main export markets."

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