Haiti is just hours away from plunging into its greatest political crisis in a over a decade without an agreement between the executive branch and the Haitian Parliament whose mandate will expire tomorrow, for the organisations of the 3 years overdue elections, the root of the crisis.
Coincidentally, tomorrow will also be the 5th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that had left over 230.000 dead, a nearly equal number of injured and 1.5 million made homeless. 

Haiti's President Michel Martelly, has been unable to reach an agreement with the 6 senators forming the opposition bloc to organize the elections, despite all the consensus made by the president, such as the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, the extension of the senate's terms beyond its expiration date, to the nomination of Evans Paul, the moderate opposition leader and the recent resignation of Haiti's chief justice Anel Alexis, all, in efforts to avoid the worsening of the crisis.

For months now, numerous massive protests, which have turn very violent recently, have been held in many parts of Haiti, especially in the country's capital, Port-au-Prince, asking for the resignation of Michel Martelly.
The protesters feel that nothing have really been changed since Martelly has come to power. The cost of living is still very high, nearly 80 % of the population remains unemployed or do not have a formal job and, some 100.000 people still live under tents following the earthquake.

Today, Sunday January 11th, President Michel Martelly is making one last ditch in efforts to sign an agreement to avoid the worst. 
At the Hotel Kinam in Petion Ville, with members of the local and international media present, the president is expected to sign an agreement whose content is not yet known to the media, behind closed door with some of the political parties and parliament, but it seems that the 6 senators from the opposition block will not show up, just like they have done in the past.

If a serious agreement is not reached today, as it already seems won't happen, the President will have no choice but to use his executive power and rule the country by decree, to issue an electoral law that would facilitate the elections among others.

But the idea of the President ruling the country by decree, even if its just for the issuance of an electoral is not appealing to most, including the international community.