Funeral for the 16 ultimate victims at Haiti's second day carnival celebrations, are being held today, Sunday February 21, at the Champ de Mars; the location of where the carnival was being held and the accident happened.

16 coffins  aligned next to one another are draped with the Haitian Flag and many flowers are deposited in front of them, the funeral hasn't commenced yet, but already lots of people have shown up to pay their respect to the victims of that terrible tragedy.

There were few rumors circulating in Port-au-Prince about opposition members planning to organize protests during the  funeral.

The Haitian government via its communication Minister have announced that: 

"the police will ensure the success of a unique and solemn ceremony in memory of our compatriots." 

..." ban on parallel event on the occasion of the national funeral for the missing in the February 17, 2015 accident."

As the funeral ceremony continues we will continue to post update, please check back in for more coverage of Haiti's National Funeral for the 16 ultimate victims in the terrible accident during the country's second day of carnival celebrations.