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To ensure the smooth running of the election on November 20, the government is using the means. In the vicinity of the voting centers on election day, it announced the installation of surveillance cameras and the deployment of drones. " As part of the measures to ensure the security of the elections of November 20, the government of the Republic decided to put in place an electronic surveillance system with the introduction of cameras and drones in the vicinity and in the spaces of voting centers." informs the Prime minister in a statement.

"This meshing of the territory will be carried out by experts in electronic surveillance who will retransmit the information in real time to the competent authorities so as to be able to react to the slightest incident ," underlines the government, informing that it will thus have a database that will serve to the identification and prosecution of any troublemaker during and after the conduct of the electoral process.

On the other hand the government has set up three telephone numbers enabling the population to report warnings.