Haiti could face an electoral disaster in the election on 9 August 2015 and subsequently a post-election crisis, warns the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), in a report dated August 5, 2015.

RNDDH believes that it is the duty of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to "intervene to remind candidates what they face when they use violence."

5 cases of murder, 26 injured, 10 cases of beating, two assassination attempts and 9 armed clashes have been recorded by RNDDH since the beginning of the election campaign on 9 of July.

The network sounded the alarm about the campaign which is being done, amid violence in various departments of the country, due to a lack of fair play of parliamentary candidates.

On the night of Wednesday, August 5, 2015, the Municipal Electoral Office (Bec) from the town of Marmelade (Artibonite) was burned.

In the Southeast, RNDDH lists a set of cases of violence including that of a charge of an apostolic church, Pastor Roger Lubin, attacked July 12, 2015, with stones, thrown by supporters of candidates "Pati ayisyen tet kale (Phtk)" in this case Joseph Lambert, Lambert Wencesclas, candidates to the Senate and Pierre Jacques Khawly Junior, candidate for deputy.

The son of a pastor, Isneth Lubin, was slapped several times and her niece, Patricia Benoit, was beaten to machetes blade strokes for protesting against individuals who were putting up posters and pictures on the walls of the church , he relates.

Fifty-one (51) years old, Samson Simon, resident of Bodouin, in the town of Jacmel, died after being shot July 23, 2015 while he was outside his house.

Simon would have prevented, July 12, to unidentified individuals, supporters of the candidates in the Senate Joseph Lambert, Lambert Wencesclas and candidate for deputy Pierre Jacques Khawly Junior pasting posters on the gate of his house.

On the night of July 22, 2015, three (3) hooded individuals riding on a red Cross motorcycle opened fire on a group of people at Channel Christopher Street in the town of Carrefour (West), not far from a known area in the market under the name of "Madan Blan".

Appraisal: 3 dead dead and 4 others injured.

People were injured and killed as they waited an hour late to begin to view pictures of candidates Platform of Truth, according to testimonies collected by RNDDH.

An altercation punctuated with stones and broken bottles between supporters of Germain Son Alexander, parliamentary candidate for the Platform Truth and former MP Jacques Stevenson Timoleon left 12 wounded in total in the two (2) camps on 1 August 2015, in the 10th communal section of Palms (Petit-Goâve / west).

Wednesday, August 5, the two candidates solemnly undertook before the members of Cep, to work for the establishment of a climate of peace in Petit Goave during the election period.

RNDDH calls the country's authorities to pay particular attention to the climate of terror that does not bode well, he says, nothing good in the country.

Since the official opening of the election campaign July 9, 2015 and which will expire on 7 August, an intensification of violence was observed between candidates and supporters of parliamentary candidates on August 9 in several regions of the country.