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The House of Representatives and the US Senate must analyze in second reading before the end of this month the new version of HOPE / HELP (Haitian hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership for Encouragement).

The document was approved on April 22 by the Ways and Means of the House of Representatives and April 23 by the Finance of the US Senate Committee Commission. The new version of the text was submitted to the two branches of the US Parliament by members of the Democratic and Republican parties April 16, 2015.

The Hope Project Help renewed the program for an additional 5 years until 30 September 2025. At the same time it is expected an extension for an additional 7 years of a key provision of the program known as the Value Rule name.

The leaders of the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH) welcome the vote of US lawmakers. According ADIH this extension will offer Haiti the certainty needed to continue on the path to success, ensure the revival of its economy and attract new investments, which will guarantee the Haitian apparel industry continued growth.

The textile sector, which employs more than 36,000 workers expected to rise to 220,000 over the next 5 years.

ADIH argues that the steps to the vote of the HOPE HELP Act represent an important step in the resolute affirmation of support for Haiti's trade relations with the United States.

90% of exports totaling 845 million US dollars come from this sector.

After a favorable vote, the HOPE HELP bill must be signed by US President Barack Obama to become law.