Haiti's Ministry of health has today announced the harshest measures taken by yet, no other countries, to prevent the Ebola epidemic from reaching Haiti. 

"People from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, who have stayed in the previously mentioned countries will allow a return to the country within a period of 28 days from their date of release of these countries. Once the deadline meet, the people who visit the countries raised or any other country in West Africa will be required to submit to their port of landing in Haiti a health card issued by an authorized central government and including the mandatory blood test for Ebola virus." 

This is the latest rigorous measures taken by Haiti's Ministry of Health and of Defense to protect Haitians from this deadly disease. Two weeks ago, they released a statement after news appeared on social networks that the United Nations was recruiting volunteers to respond to the Ebola outbreak.
The ministers forbade any agency to organize recruitment of Haitian volunteers, including U.N. Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER)

In that statement the ministers called for "the common sense of every citizen to avoid other more dramatic situations than what we have experienced in the recent past." In reference to the deadly January 12th 2010 Earthquake which had killed over 200.000 people, and the cholera epidemic introduced to Haiti by the UN soldiers, killing another 8.500 Haitian Citizens.

 "The language may be much stronger than necessary, but think of those citizens who have been so traumatized, after the earthquake, after the cholera, and after Chikungunya. We cannot afford to take an additional  trauma."