Earlier Sunday, Haiti's President Michel Joseph Martelly have reached a deal with some of the country's opposition leaders to organize the overdue elections, and avoid the political crisis tomorrow. Despite the agreement however, the certainty of avoiding the crisis still remains unclear as the 6 senators from the opposition, opted out of participating at the closed door meeting at the Kinam Hotel in Petion Ville, where the agreement was signed, and they continue to demand the resignation of the president, and have made it clear that they will not participate at the National Assembly to vote an electoral law or ratify the new head of government.

President Michel Martelly seems to be out of options; the document signed by the president and some of the opposition leaders did not mention the ratification of the designated prime minister Evans Paul, leading many to believe that the President might have withdrawn his nomination. Hougansydney.com is not able to independently confirm this information as the president and the opposition leaders who were at this closed door meeting, have not yet publicly commented on the content of the document.

As we are writing this piece, the US ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White is at the Haitian senate lobbying the hard liners senators who would rather see the country plunge into a political nightmare than negotiate with the president, begging them to come to the table with Michel Martelly in order to come to an agreement before midnight, however unlikely it may seem.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Port-au-Prince and update our readers about this palpable situation as we reach the deadline in less than 3 hours.