His management at the head of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry is considered correct by the Court of Auditors. However, Laurent Lamothe has great trouble to do about his management at the head of the Ministry of Planning. The report of the Court to the Senate reveals numerous irregularities in the use of post-Sandy funds. The former Prime Minister, dismissing this latest report of the Court of Auditors has said Tuesday before the press and announced a protest in due form in front of the Senate.

From sad resignation on December 14 at the head of the Prime Minister, this is the first time that Laurent Lamothe summoned the press. Not to take stock of its former head of government or achievements, but to talk about his candidacy for the Presidency even less to the eulogy of his friend President. After five months of silence, Laurent Lamothe rises cut-away to expose, challenge and reject the report of the Court of Auditors on his management at the head of the Ministry of Planning.

Standing ovation for Laurent Lamothe in the great hall of the hotêl The Plaza where he had called the press. Welcomed by several hundred of his partisans, mostly young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods of the capital, the former Prime Minister had also at his side several of his former Directors General and former ministers, such  as François Guillaume ex minister of Haitial Living Abroad (MHVAE) Fresnel Jean-Baptieste, former director general, of the General Administration of Customs, Antoine Atouriste the ULCC Donald Parison of SMCRS, among others.

In a show atmosphere with kinds of slogans: "viv Lamothe, Lamothe for 5 years, if not Lamothe, who will replace? If he is not given certificate of discharge, we will start burning things."

Former strongman of the Prime Minister has presented documents supporting sound management when he was at the head of the Ministry of Planning.

Laurent Lamothe said he has serious reservations about the report of the Court of Auditors related to his management at the head of the Department of Planification.

According to him, there have been glaring errors in the report on transactions it contains.

Any exercise of Laurent Lamothe is to prove that he had not personally spent 4 billion 225 million gourdes 4,000,000,000 225,000,000 gdes recorded in the post-Sandy report. Of this, he is asked to justify 3 billion 425 million gourdes. It criticizes the ministries of Public Works, Agriculture, Social Affairs, and the FAES SMCRS not having submitted any report in. << We put all this on the back of Laurent Lamothe >>, he denounced.

The former head of government says he has a report that contains all the details on post-Sandy achievements, but the Court of Auditors had not used in his work he regretted. << In all conscience I assume what I managed. But you can not make me assume what I have not managed >> he said as if to prove his innocence.

According to Mr. Lamothe, as he had sent a report to the Ministry of Finance to justify the use of more than one billion gourdes, and two years later when declaring his candidacy for the presidency, he received correspondence from said department stating that he didn't received any reports filed with the Ministry of Finance.

He was asked to also justify the $ 128 million gourdes to the TRAM group that carried out the supervisory work of the project Wharf Jeremie << pretext that there is no contract in the sense >> Laurent Lamothe says he has reports that prove otherwise.

In the funds used in the framework of post-Sandy programs, Laurent Lamothe said he spent only 18%, or 775 million gourdes and he said to be able to justify it. According to him, the report of the Superior Court of Audit is peppered with mistakes and achieved with great levity.

$ 2.4 million for the helicopter of President Martelly

Among the funds used and which were blamed on the former Prime Minister, there's money IMFESA, the helicopter company involved in displacement of the head of state. According to Laurent Lamothe, the service has cost $ 2.4 million to the Public Treasury. He refuses the money to be paid to its liabilities.

Laurent Lamothe also refuted the use of the sum of 850,000 US dollars as part of the work of IBI / DAA. He also spoke of 387 motorcycles purchased in a year by the Haitian State to Appolo Motors for more than 33 million HTG being asked to justify. Still on this point, the former prime minister says he has documents proving that there is no irregularities in the purchase.

The former head of government, he will write to the Senate to challenge the conclusions of the report on his management to the Ministry of Planning to correct errors. He will submit to the Senate all the reports of the above ministries and all contracts or documents supporting his good management.

However he admitted that on more than 28 billion gourdes allocated to the Ministry of Planning, there is less 0.027% irregularities. Mr. Lamothe said he will not accept this injustice. He said the Hours of Operation of the Superior Court of Auditors has political implications.

 With this kind of report, Mr Lamothe knows that he can last goodbye to all hope of having a clearance certificate to support his presidential bid.

In the struggle, he has said, to change the living conditions of the most vulnerable, there will always be persecution. Haiti is a country of men eater, he has denounced. But M.Lamothe added that he will continue to fight for morality in the country. << If you are not kidnappers, you do not need to be afraid of me. >> He chanted to the applause of his supporters.