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Woodly Etheard, aka "Sonson La Familia" and Renel Nelfort, nicknamed "Le Recif" accused of organized crime, especially kidnapping, drug trafficking and money laundering, were released by the court on 17 April,  After an express judgement without the assistance of a jury.

The accused were heard by the Criminal Court without juries chaired by Judge Lamarre Belizaire, which released them in the early evening, concluded in his ruling that the prosecution, which is the DCPJ; a task-force within the Haitian National Police, had no case. 
The order of the investigating judge to the trial court in Port-au-Prince, Sonel Jean-François, dated March 5, 2015, had referred Woodly Etheart and Renel Nelfort by the criminal court on several counts including kidnapping people.

"Authors intellectuals of kidnapping and false imprisonment made against ransom, illegal drug trafficking, money laundering, murder and criminal conspiracy" are the leaders of charges that were brought against Etheart and Nelfort, following the order.

Human rights defense organizations denounced in advance a summary trial in favor of the accused, whose links with the Martelly administration is well known. The National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) pointed out the irregularity of the trial, while some of the accused in the same case have appealed the order of the judge. The appeal court was expected to rule before any other folder.

12 other individuals must report to the Criminal Court without jury assistance under the charges of "illegal possession of firearms, forgery, misuse of title, vehicle theft" - in addition to those made against Etheart and Nelfort. 7 of the accused are on the run.

Etheart was arrested on 8 May 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, the case Woodly Etheart has continued to generate a stir, especially because of alleged links to the latter confer with President Michel Martelly.

Human rights organizations including the National Human rights Network (RNDDH) have indexed Etheart as the number 1 of the "Gang Galil", specializing in crimes such as kidnapping.

This gang received ransoms amounted to "one million eight hundred and eighty nine thousand five hundred - 1,889,500.00 - US dollars," the hands of 13 kidnap victims in the interval from 11 January 2011 to 18 January 2014, denounced in a Rnnddh report released Tuesday, March 18 2014.

Illicit drugs, money laundering, murder and criminal conspiracy "are the leaders of charges that were brought against Etheart and Nelfort, following the order. [In progress]
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