A fire completely destroyed Monday morning, the Cubano, renamed The Parrot in 2012, one of the oldest hotels and restaurants in Petionville, an institution of nightlife this town in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince.

No injuries to deplore however among the ten people who were present in the building when the fire broke out, told AFP Miguel Richard, a friend of the Manager present in the building at the time.

It only remains that the walls of the hotel-restaurant, located in the heart of the town among the wealthiest in the country.

It was a social heritage since the 70s: the prerequisite of our late evenings, shows Stéphane Malebranche, among the multitude of people gathered outside the burning building.

With 12 rooms, it held regular concerts and parties for the promotion of traditional Haitian culture.

On Monday morning, a fire broke out in the small informal deposit of electrical equipment and paint adjoining the property.

With nearly 3 million inhabitants, the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince has only one fire firefighters and it took over an hour for these professionals to reach the scene of the fire, which already ravaging the hotel and a nearby private home.

Everyone knew the Cubano in Pétionville and now an institution with more than 30 years, partly in flames in less than 20 minutes, laments Bianca Stecker, the owner's daughter.

It's been years that complains uncontrolled building next to the hotel: we have seen the danger coming but could do nothing, she irritates.

Stopped by an inhabitant of Pétionville, the member for the town, a member of the lower house of Haiti, could admit the weakness of the state.

We have no urban planning: we have a truly anarchic development, acknowledged Jerry Tardieu. Haiti is a country in crisis: an institutional crisis, societal. Haiti is a country to rethink and this type of disaster comes to reveal the urgency to begin planning for the long term, ensures the parliamentarian.

On 18 March, seven people were burned alive and thirty seriously wounded by the explosion of a tanker truck in Hinche, a city 110 kilometers from the capitale. Diesel that had spilled on the highway after the truck had struck a wall, was ignited by a fire lit by food merchants, settled in the direct vicinity of a gas station.