Haiti's interim president Jocelerme Privert, has announced via twitter his designation of Enex Jean Charles as the new Prime Minister as his previous pick Fritz-Alphonse Jean was rejected by parliament.

 A private citizen, a law teacher; Enex Jean Charles is not a new comer to Haitian politics however, he has served as advisor to many former presidents, including President Preval.

The new prime minister needs to have his government approved by parliament so that a provisional electoral council can finally be put in place to conclude with the second round presidential election.

Time is running out, the acting president Jocelerme Privert only has a 120 days mandate, he took office on February 14 of this year. His only job is to complete the electoral process so that a legitimate president could be put in place to address the endless issues facing the impoverished nation. Such as the persistent drought which has threatened to leave nearly 4 million people in famine, the crumbling national currency, the migrants crisis in the border.