Former Haitian president, René Préval, is within the scope of an arrest warrant issued yesterday by Judge Al Duniel Dimanche. The magistrate investigating corruption charges against Sandro Joseph, is unhappy with the refusal of the former president to respond to an invitation.

Besides the former president Preval, other high ranking former and current officials such senators Andris Riche and Jacques Sauveur Jean and the Minister of Education Jean Beauvoir Dorsonne are also involved in the criminal investigation.

Mr. Riche denied in the media, to have received ONA capital during the administration of Sandro Joseph. On August 9, 2016, hearings in the trial of Joseph Sandro were held in Port-au-Prince.

The investigating judge argued that only Senator Edwin Zeny had responded to his invitation. But the magistrate was kept auditioning parliamentary citing the need for him to dispose beforehand his immunity.

This should also be true for senators Riche and Jean .

Judge Dimanche is investigating embezzlement of several millions of the National Insurance Office (ONA). Former Director General of ONA is accused of embezzlement, forgery and use of forgery and criminal conspiracy. After six years on the run, Joseph went to the Haitian judicial authorities. His trial, which resumed on July 20, had been suspended because of numerous irregularities in the indictment.