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Kinderson Edras, a 17-year-old accused of throwing "an object" against President Michel Martelly on February 21 at the Champ of Mars, during the national funeral of the 16 carnival victims; is incarcerated in the National Penitentiary in Port-au-Prince, confirms André Michel, his lawyer.

After his arrest, Kinderson Edras was interrogated not by the police who arrested him, but by the Government Commissioner, then transferred to the National Penitentiary and not the juvenile rehabilitation center, located in Delmas 33.

His lawyer Andre Michel said that " He [Kinderson Edras] is in the penitentiary at this moment, and that the prosecution has not made a decision yet to charge him as an adult.

Andre Michel contest the arrest of his client, saying that it was not even him who threw the object. A bunch of people where chanting hostile slogans against the president and some threw many objects, such as bottles of water among others.

"This is a child passing, it was not he who did it ..." insists Michel for his client.

"This is a fight because this case is taking a political connotation. That complicates the situation, "he said.

Accused of attack against the head of state, Kinderson Edras risk 15 years in prison.

While many understand that there should be some accountability for throwing a light object at the president, but being charged as an adult with the possibility of receiving 15 years in a national penitentiary is excessive, unnecessary and illegal. 

The president did not suffer any bodily harm as a result of the bottle nor was his life in great danger.

I mean really, how many times have we seen politicians around the world have things thrown at them. Eggs, confetti, and yes, water bottle.

We are not contesting the arrest of Kinderson Edras because what he did was right, but because the law was overstep and receive and unjust sentence compared to the severity of his alleged crime.